Big Star Dealerships – The Bridge Over Troubled Waters

March 4th, 2022 by

Back to school is an exciting time to start fresh and prepare for a new chapter of growth and learning. Many students and families cannot feel the same anticipation of excitement because of financial burdens that limit a student’s possibilities. The employees of Big Star Texas recognized this need in their community and worked with The Bridge Over Troubled Waters, a local women’s shelter, to help women and children begin the school year. The two dealerships, Big Star Ford and Big Star Honda teamed up with a local restaurant to provide a catered meal for 110 individuals at the women’s shelter. Additionally, employees donated their time and efforts to help landscape a play area for children living at the shelter. Employees donated school supplies, clothing, and other food items that will directly benefit the women and children at The Bridge Over Troubled Waters. The employees of Big Star Texas became big stars to each person they worked with this Thursday as they helped to better the lives of a vulnerable population. The food, clothing, supplies, and play area are all appreciated, but most importantly, we are proud to work within our individual communities to recognize the needs of one another and take the necessary time and effort to work towards an impactful project. The women and children at The Bridge Over Troubled Waters are moved by each employee’s dedication and are thrilled to start the new school year with some new essential items.

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