5 Places to Go Fishing in Manvel, Texas

April 30th, 2020 by

Fishing can be an extremely relaxing activity. It has been the preferred activity of choice for many families that need to get away from the city to relax and spend time together. If you are good at it and have patience, you can even catch your dinner. Here are some awesome places to go fishing in the greater Manvel, Texas area.

Hayes Creek

Hayes Creek is a public stream located in Brazoria County. It is an awesome place to catch fish in the early afternoon. Some fish that you might find during your fishing trip includes white crappie, large mouth bass, and flathead catfish. With so many options, you will likely return often to try to catch something different. 

Lake Sienna

Lake Sienna is located less than two miles away from the Sienna Plantation. It is located in Fort Bent County. It is a public lake that you can access throughout the year, but you will need to have an active fishing license from the state of Texas to comply with current fishing laws to take fish out of the lake.

Archer Lake Levee

Another great place to fish in Manvel is the Archer Lake Levee. It is about 8 miles from Manvel, making it more secluded than some of the other places. For fishing, that means that there will likely be more fish species to find. The levee is created by a small dam, which ensures that the levee is full nearly all year round. You can fish here most of the year, provided that you have a Texas fishing license. There are a few times each year that the levee is closed for work on the dam and to let the fish population replenish. The water is always calm, making it perfect for shore fishing or boat fishing. 

Mowery Lake

Mowery Lake is located about 8 miles from Sienna Plantation, making it an easy place to get to from Manvel. It is a large lake that is filled with fish and is open to the public. The lake has easy access for all size boats. Plus, the water is usually calm, so it is perfect for a relaxed fishing day. The best times for fishing in the area are early in the morning or in the early afternoon. Because of its somewhat secluded location, you are not likely to run into a lot of other fishermen or boaters in the area. Provided that you have a Texas fishing license, you can enjoy this lake all year. 

North Fork Marys Creek

If you want to go stream fishing, check out North Fork Marys Creek, located near Brookside Village. It is located in the northern portion of Marys Creek. You can find a variety of fish there, and it is open to the public. You are sure to have a relaxing experience and have a good chance of catching a lot of fish. 

Fishing requirements can vary a lot based on state, local, and individual park rules. If you have any questions about the right season to fish for certain species or how many fish you are able to take out of the water, be sure to contact the management office for the park. They can give you specific items related to their fishing program.